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Welcome to The Wheel of Time Wiki
Season 2 poster July 12 2023

The Wheel of Time season 2 premiered September 1, 2023 on Prime Video

The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass...

The lives of five young villagers change forever when a strange and powerful woman arrives, claiming one of them is the child of an ancient prophecy with the power to tip the balance between Light and Dark forever. They must choose whether to trust this stranger – and each other – with the fate of the world before the Dark One breaks out of His prison, and the Last Battle begins.

The Wheel of Time is a fantasy TV series now available on Amazon Prime Video. It is an adaptation of the book series of the same name originally written by Robert Jordan.

Season 1 and season 2 are currently available on Prime Video.

This wiki is specifically for the television series. No book spoilers!

News & current status
Season 2 bloopers, released December 23, 2023
Moiraine s2 icon
portrayed by
Rosamund Pike
Lan s2 icon
portrayed by
Daniel Henney
Nynaeve s2 icon
portrayed by
Zoë Robins
Egwene s2 icon
portrayed by
Madeleine Madden
Rand s2 icon
portrayed by
Josha Stradowski
Perrin s2 icon
portrayed by
Marcus Rutherford
Mat s2 icon
portrayed by
Dónal Finn
Min s2 icon
portrayed by
Kae Alexander
Liandrin s2 icon
portrayed by
Kate Fleetwood
Elayne s2 icon
portrayed by
Ceara Coveney
Ishamael s2 icon
portrayed by
Fares Fares
Suroth s2 icon
portrayed by
Karima McAdams
Aviendha s2 icon
portrayed by
Ayoola Smart
Selene s2 icon
portrayed by
Natasha O'Keeffe
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Season 2
Season 2 trailer, July 19, 2023
WOT 101 Promo Rand Perrin Mat
Season 1 episode 1
WOT 102 Promo Mat
Shadow's Waiting
Season 1 episode 2
S1 E3 promo Mat and Aiel
A Place of Safety
Season 1 episode 3
104 Logain and Moiraine
The Dragon Reborn
Season 1 episode 4
105 promo Perrin Egwene Whitecloaks
Blood Calls Blood
Season 1 episode 5
106 promo Siuan Sanche
The Flame of Tar Valon
Season 1 episode 6
107 promo Moiraine in the Ways
The Dark Along the Ways
Season 1 episode 7
108 promo Moiraine
The Eye of the World
Season 1 episode 8
S2 first look promo Egwene
A Taste of Solitude
Season 2 episode 1
Rand and Selene ep202 Prime Video preview
Strangers and Friends
Season 2 episode 2
S2 first look promo Nynaeve
What Might Be
Season 2 episode 3
S2 first look promo Moiraine
Daughter of the Night
Season 2 episode 4
S2 first look promo Seanchan
Season 2 episode 5
Egwene ep206 Prime Video preview
Eyes Without Pity
Season 2 episode 6
Mat ep207 Prime Video preview
Daes Dae'mar
Season 2 episode 7
S2 first look promo Rand
What Was Meant to Be
Season 2 episode 8

All Season 2 episodes are now available to stream on Prime Video!

Latest release

The season 2 finale, episode 8 What Was Meant to Be, was released on Friday, October 5, 2023.

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