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Celine Song is a writer on The Wheel of Time television series. Her involvement in the series was announced on December 19, 2018 in a Tweet by showrunner Rafe Judkins, in which he describes her as a "amazing playwright, former Wheel of Time fanfic writer, Min-fanatic, and Blue (?) Ajah member."[1]

General overview[]

Celine Song is the playwright of Endlings, a play about a group of elderly Korean women who live on an island harvesting food before they are visited by a young woman who can carry on their tradition.

Song is credited on the following episodes:




Writers: Michael ClarksonPaul ClarksonJustine Juel GillmerDave HillRafe JudkinsKatherine B. McKennaAmanda Kate ShumanCeline Song
Directors: Uta BriesewitzCiaran DonnellySalli Richardson WhitfieldWayne Yip
Additional: Isis Mussenden (costume designer)Maria Simons (consultant)Kelly Valentine Hendry (casting director)
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